How to use Seedkeeper with your Satochip hardware wallet?

You can import a BIP39 mnemonic, an Electrum mnemonic or the raw masterseed into a Satochip.
Note that it is not recommended to import an Electrum mnemonic into a hardware wallet (even though it is possible) as it is not standard and can create compatibility issues.

  • A mnemonic can be imported in plaintext only, using any application supporting Satochip for the import (e.g. SeedkeeperTool, Electrum-Satochip, Electron Cash, Satochip-Bridge…).
  • A masterseed can be imported encrypted using the SeedkeeperTool (see “Tutorial” section).
    • In this case, the encrypted masterseed can be obtained from the export menu after pairing the Seedkeeper with the Satochip (see “Tutorial” section for cards pairing).

You can import a seed into a Satochip either in plaintext or encrypted.
Simply insert the Satochip and use the same menu option as for seed import to a Seedkeeper (see “Tutorial” section).