How to make a backup of my Seedkeeper card?

You can make multiple backups of your Seedkeeper card. This is really useful when you want to physically store a backup of your seed in different places.
For example, you can have one Seedkeeper with a specific PIN code stored in a bank vault, another stored at your home and give a card to a trusted family member.
People cannot access the contents of your Seedkeeper without the PIN code.

To make a backup of your Seedkeeper, follow these steps:

  1. Grab your Seedkeeper card and a new/blank Seedkeeper (the backup card).
  2. Launch the SeedkeeperTool (see the “Download” section).
  3. Plug the backup card in your card reader (if it’s a first use, it will ask you to put a PIN code).
  4. You should see a pop-up saying: “Authentikey added to the Truststore!”. Your backup card’s authentikey is registered.
  5. Now, do the same steps with your Seedkeeper card (remove your backup card and plug your Seedkeeper card).
  6. You should see a pop-up saying: “Authentikey added to the Truststore!”. Your Seedkeeper’s authentikey is registered.
  7. Click on “Make a backup”.
  8. Select the backup card’s authentikey.
  9. Click on “Backup” and copy the encrypted output.
  10. Now, remove your Seedkeeper from the chip card reader and plug the backup card, the empty/blank one.
  11. Click on “Import a secret”, “Secure import from json”.
  12. Past the encrypted output (see step 9).
  13. Click “Import”.

That’s it. To summurize, you have plugged your two cards to register both card’s authentikey and you just create an encrypted backup from one card and import it (in a json format) to your back card.
Easy right!? You can follow these steps and make unlimited backups on multiple Seedkeeper cards.