How to generate a secret on-card?

Generating a secret on-card is the most secure solution. The secret is not show to the screen, it is generate by the chip itself and securely stored within the chip memory. You can generate two types of secrets on-card:

To generate a secret on-card, follow these steps:

  1. Grab your Seedkeeper card and plug it in your card reader.
  2. Launch the SeedkeeperTool (see the “Download” section).
  3. Click on “Generate Secret on-card”.
  4. Choose the type of secret you wish to generate.
    1. For a Masterseed: add a “Label“, select the size of the Masterkey and the “Export rights“.
    2. For a 2FA secret: add a “Label“, select the “Export rights“.

You have now successfully generated a new secret on-card.