How to create and safely store a new seed?

You want to generate a new seed and secure it? Let’s go.

  1. Grab your Seedkeeper card and plug it in your card reader (see the “Shop” section).
  2. Launch the SeedkeeperTool (see the “Download” section).
  3. Put your personnal PIN code to access the card (see the “Tutorial” section).
  4. Click on “Import a Secret”.
  5. Click on “Mnemonic phrase”.
    1. Label: you can add a short description.
    2. Mnemonic type: what type of mnemonic do you want to store.
    3. Mnemonic size: how long is your mnemonic.
    4. Export rights: choose if you allow plaintext or encrypted export.
      1. Plaintext export will allow you to export the seed in a human readable format like “extend palm antique key woman dice thank slam direct pass column drink”.
      2. Encrypted export will NOT allow you to export the seed in a  human readble format.
  6. Click on “Create a new mnemonic”.
  7. Click on “Submit”.


Congratulations! You have now secured a freshly generated seed.