Do you have a DIY card?

If you bought a DIY chip card, you should install the Seedkeeper applet on the chip.
To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Seedkeeper.cap file
  2. Download the GlobalPlatform client that will be used to upload the applet on the chip
  3. Put the Seedkeeper.cap file in the same folder as the GlobalPlatform client for convenience
  4. To list the applets loaded on a smartcard: gp.exe -l
  5. To load the Seedkeeper applet: gp.exe -install .\Seedkeeper-v.x.x.x.cap
  6. To delete the Seedkeeper applet: gp.exe -uninstall .\Seedkeeper-v.x.x.x.cap

A more detailed tutorial is available on the GlobalPlatformPro repository.